9 compensation. The Company frees Reedland and its officers, directors, representatives and employees from losses, damages or liabilities resulting from the breach of the terms of this agreement or an agreement between the company and Elliott`s investors with respect to the offer and/or sale of Companys Securities. If Reedland is entitled to compensation in connection with this captioning, it agrees to vacate the business and to keep it free of any claim from another person or supplier that charges research fees or similar compensation for services provided in a transaction with investors if that person has acted in accordance with Reedland. These compensation rules also apply to the termination, cancellation or abandonment of the proposed transaction. 3 The agreement/non-exclusive fee does not apply to public offerings. Notwithstanding the above or the opposite stated above, The company and Reedland agree that this agreement is subject exclusively to investors with respect to the follow-up investment and does not prohibit the company from otherwise entering into a share purchase agreement with parties other than investors, and this agreement does not prohibit the company from entering into an investment banking relationship, a merger agreement or an insurance agreement or any other transaction with another party. In addition, no royalty or compensation of any kind may be owed by the company to Reedland if the investors purchase the company`s shares in connection with a share underwritten by the company or outside the follow-up investment. 1 Reedland will not provide investor insurance or enter into agreements or agreements with investors on behalf of the company. The company has the exclusive right to accept or reject, at its sole discretion, any proposal from investors. 8 Full agreement. This is the whole agreement between the parties and replace all previous negotiations or agreements.

Changes to this agreement must be made in writing and signed by the parties. Non-Circumvention and Finder`s Fee Agreement – Star Scientific Inc. and Reedland Capital Partners WHEREAS, pursuant to the non-circumvention and finder fee agreement concluded on 23 March 2004 (the agreement of 23 March), having been concluded by and between the company and Reedland effective 23 March 2004 (the agreement of 23 March), Reedland submitted to ELLIOTT CAPITAL ADVISORS, L.P. (with its associated funds and other investors, as indicated on Investor Investment A) to assess a potential investment in the company and/or subsidiaries of Elliott`s business; and CONSIDÉRANT that the company has agreed, for itself and on behalf of its directors, senior executives, employees, representatives, consultants, associated companies or respective representatives, to compensate Reedland in the event that the investor and the company conclude and close the follow-up investment on the terms set out in the company; At WITNESS WHEREOF, the undersigned executed this agreement on the day and year and year above. 7 Applicable legislation. This agreement is governed by the laws of the State of California and is interpreted accordingly, and all resulting disputes will be decided in federal and regional court.