A board or its authorized representative has the power to enter and inspect residences or premises to allow the House to identify any matter it is legally considering, and a chamber may also order any person to testify before it and submit a book or document for consultation. Where a lessor has received a decision to possess or eject in accordance with this section, on the basis that he or she needs a house or premises to carry out his own activity, and if the court is required to later clarify that the order was obtained by misrepresentation or concealment of material facts, the court may order the lessor to pay a sum to the former tenant that is sufficient to repair the damage suffered or the damage suffered. tenant as a result of the order. When a person rents or sublets a building or building at a rent that includes payment for the use of furniture and, at the tenant`s request, to the satisfaction of a room, the rent charged or the combined rental pays the landlord a profit that goes beyond what can reasonably be expected from a rental or sub-lease. no order to recover from the possession of a residential or residential building or the eviction of a tenant from a residential building or apartment building is issued by a court, except for legislation to strengthen the Residential and Commercial Rent Control Act. Prior to the execution of a rental agreement, the lessor is required to obtain a tenant`s foreign identity cards or identity cards and registration details or any other form of initiation in the case of a legal entity. This will improve data storage and reduce current tensions, where tenants disappear and leave huge rent obligations. A lease agreement may be implied in all forms – verbal, written, electronic or by the conduct of the parties, unless the value of the lease is approximately $140 or more, it is not enforceable unless it is written or in the form of a data message or if it is the party against which the application is requested to admit the existence of the lease.