READ MORE: Kindergarten educators vote on a new pay offer – «Teachers are teachers»: Early childhood educators are calling for pay parity – Kindergarten educators are the next to negotiate government collective agreements «We are very pleased that kindergarten educators have achieved a pay increase and maintained pay parity with thought and secondary teachers. We still need to look at wage rates and working conditions throughout childhood, and we will continue to work on them and explore ways to address workload and well-being in other forums,» she said. «If there are a number of graduates in the system right now who think they are going to get a job in a kindergarten, I have news for them. Carly works in a mixed kindergarten where children are between nine months and five years old. Hello, I am a secondary school teacher with a provisional registration. I spent a year as a special educator in a state school. I seriously consider eCE as a career and would like to know if I would be considered qualified if I do not have specific ECE training. I am currently paid at level 5 (secondary) and am not too eager to make drastic pay cuts. (Bobby 2015-11-01) There are about 600 nursery associations across the country and about 2600 licensed daycares. 35 years ago, the pre-school union made comparisons between wage rates with the care professions and other professions such as the police. One of the arguments was that cleaners were paid more than kindergarten educators! Second, the preschool sector was recognized as the state education system. To calculate an hourly rate, the Ministry of Education explains that you should distribute the annual salary until 2080 (52 weeks over 40 hours). The quality of team leadership in an early childhood service and the atmosphere of warmth and cooperation and mutual respect can have a much greater influence on a person`s decision to accept a job offer than the salary package.