(d) The mandatory authority for all transfer contracts or participation in reinsurance contracts is vested in a representative of the reinsurer who is not associated with the RM. 2. In this state, if the Reinsurance Intermediary Manager has an office either directly or as a member or employee of a company or association, or an officer, director or employee of a company in that state, unless the Reinsurance Intermediary Manager is a licensed manufacturer in that state; 1. Engage the reinsurer in the name of the reinsurer, except that the RM may incur optional retrocesions under mandatory optional agreements if the contract with the reinsurer contains reinsurance guidelines for such retrocessions. These guidelines include a list of reinsurers with whom such automatic agreements are in effect and, for each of these reinsurers, the amounts and amounts or percentages that can be repaid, as well as commission plans. This chapter comes into effect on January 1, 1992. No insurer or reinsurer may continue to commission the services of a reinsurance intermediary on January 1, 1992 and after January 1, 1992, unless the use is consistent with this chapter. (g) «reinsurance agent» («RB»), any person who buys, negotiates or imposes reinsurance assignments or transfers on behalf of an insurer who will withdraw, with no power or power to bind reinsurance on behalf of that insurer. (a) A reinsurance intermediary is controlled by the Commissioner. The Commissioner has access to all the books, bank accounts and records of the reinsurance intermediary in a formable form that belongs to the Commissioner. b) «dominant person»: any person, company, association or company authorized, directly or indirectly, to lead or direct the management, control or activity of the reinsurance intermediary.

(h) «kidney intermediation manager» («RM»), any person, company, association or company authorized to engage or manage all or part of the reinsurance activities supported by a reinsurer (including the head of a department, division or insurance agency) and acting as an intermediary for that reinsurer, be it an RM, a manager or another similar clause; Notwithstanding the above, for the purposes of this chapter, the following persons are not considered RM for this reinsurer: 2. If the applicant is a non-resident reinsurance intermediation licence, the applicant designates as a precondition for obtaining or possessing a licence the agent of the proceedings as an agent for the service and notification of the proceedings. , in the same way and having the same legal effect. , provided for in this chapter, for the designation of the procedure to unauthorized insurers; and also communicates to the member of the Commission the name and address of a State established in that state, the communications or orders of the member of the Commission concerning this non-resident intermediary. This licensee immediately informs the Commissioner in writing of any changes made by his designated representative to the procedure and this change will not come into effect until the Commissioner has confirmed it. (11) The RB entered into a reinsurance contract on behalf of a licensed agent: (j) «violation» means that the reinsurance intermediary, insurer or reinsurer for which the reinsurance intermediary acted did not comply with the essence of this chapter.