4 Appearance of one or more of the following: the employer`s activity is closed. The employee is dying. The worker loses his function as a force of law. The death of all the company`s partners. The loss of the employer`s contractual capacity. The employee`s failure. The worker`s usual abandonment of his professional obligations. Who are still unable to meet their obligations. Deliberate or permanent breach of the employee`s obligations affects compensation. The worker is entitled to the compensation earned before the date of dismissal.

The worker is not entitled to compensation beyond the date of dismissal. When the employee`s employment ends, he/she must present all the rights he has for commissions within the time (in parentheses) following the date of termination of an impact on the commissions. The staff member waives any commission fee if it is not carried out within [xx] days of termination. 2. Worker`s Obligations For the first insertion to Section 2.1, indicate the goods or type of goods the worker will sell. For the second supplement, indicate the type of buyer (for example. B the general public or some traders). 2.1 Employment as a salesman. The employee provides sales services to the employer; the employee sells [insert the type of goods] in the area described below to [x] (buyer type). In section 2.2.1, indicate the area in which the employee is sold. 2.2 Zone The employee provides sales services in [entry into the territory] (territory).

The worker will not make sales outside the designated territory at his discretion, the employer may change the territory at any time and in any way. In the next section, you want to indicate if this is a part-time position. 2.3 Full-time and energy. The employee undertakes to devote all of his time and energy to fulfilling his obligations, subject to the management and control of the employer, and the employee will use his best efforts to sell the goods in the territory.