This agreement did that…. Day of ………… 2018 between the employer DAKSHIN HARYANA BIJLI VITRAN NIGAM (hereafter «owner or DHBVN, whose expression includes its director, company under the Companies Act, 1956) and, on the one hand, the bidder/partner of channel M/S …. Part A is statutory headquartered in Pursuant the Regulations Governing of Discretionary Investment Business of Securities Investment Trusts and Securities Investment Consulting Enterprises and other relevant laws and regulations and authorizes A to make discretionary investments in securities and places private equity in the conservation of Part C, issues relating to account opening, retention of funds and securities, settlement of transactions, account management and exercise of the right to participate. The contracting parties to this agreement agree that the following aspirations are recognized by the other parties and enshrined in a legal agreement, To allow access to the proposed development in Whare – Support the residential construction project in Whareroa North – maintain the «legal title» of the creek bed – expect the terms of the deed (signed between the crown and tmTB on 10 – To understand and approve the project, The location and abyss of the bridge and associated/related services – To understand and be satisfied that the environmental risks associated with a road bridge and supply services have been properly treated and mitigated across the country to occupy the land without payment (but allow a groundnuting if necessary for each tripartite agreement («TPA») this is an agreement between the parties and a member of a dispute settlement commission. The identical TPA is used for all DB members. This «skeleton» agreement is an indicative model for routine planning duties. It is not intentional to be definitive. Changes may be necessary to address local-specific issues or to take into account other legal or practical developments.