It`s so irritating! It is the man who is the problem, not the animal! Only to meet your potential tenant pet, see if it is taken care of, do 6 monthly checks on the ground. I guarantee you that if they are responsible owners, they would not refuse. I agree with the comments above, circumstances change! I am desperately looking for a dog owner because my 10-year-old partner is going to join the RAF and leave me in a house that I can`t afford. How annoying it is for me to come across an owner`s website called «Malting Bags of Ftahe». What an absolute sting they are. Trusted dogs receive as many dogs in them due to changing circumstances and people go to rented properties that refuse the dog. We are a generation of tenants… Owners need to change their attitude towards pets because they are only liars by tenants. Is the house confused? Or framed? If they are good owners and it is a shame for a family not to have a pet (if they take care of it). A lot of problems today for tenants are that owners do not take pets, perhaps because they have had problems in the past, personally I would take it on an individual basis. Many landlords are hesitant to take tenants with pets, as this may involve later tenants who may have allergies.

However, if the dwelling has been sufficiently cleaned, sucked in and ventilated after leaving the animals, this should not be a problem. Before you welcome a tenant with a dog, you need to know if this is likely. The Dogs Trust recommends that dogs are not left alone for more than four hours, so this term has been included in the form of pet ownership law. I know many landlords who have discovered unexpectedly that their tenants are housing pets without permission, but because the tenants have taken so good care of the property (as well as the tenants without animals) and the model tenants were, the owners accept the situation. So many owners are transformed into pets. I just signed a contract that doesn`t say pets. The family who lived in the apartment had a dog. I`m going to move in in a month. Should I tell the owner that I have a dog or just pray for the best with the river? She will know the first day, because she lives in the building… But I feel like I have no choice.

It is impossible to have a place with a dog 🙁 Otherwise, I would only worry about carpets if your house still has these horrible things, and I would tell tenants that they have to pay for professional cleaning and uninsering carpets, so they can`t expect a full refund of their deposit.