I don`t think I want to pay every month. tqtini Perhaps readers are wondering what is the general length of the car financing period? In Malaysia, the repayment period for car loans ranges from 5 years to a maximum of 9 years. Depending on the loan amount and monthly repayments, the approved amount also depends on the stock of your debt. Also remember that the shorter your credit term, the less interest you pay. For information on the types of fraud and myths when selling and buying new cars, click on the following link: Salam TuanKalau used car sellers charge RM3300 for the transaction process, appropriate ker. When I asked him, he said Lumsum (to approval, jpj, puspakom etc.). Please call me. the day after tomorrow to see the seller. The credit was successful. 11 Once the payment has been made, you can wait for your car to be registered with JPJ. A registration is made, 2 to 5 days to obtain a subsidy and a tax on rtD vehicles.

The length of the period depends on the situation. If you`re like most buyers who don`t want to pay high prepayments or buy a car in cash, you won`t miss out on car credit. Interest rates will usually be higher for low car prices and vice versa when car prices are high. I bought a loan of 50k,000 Honda City. If you want to upgrade to a Honda Civic, you can do it. or to use a new loan I Widya Okta, I want to testify of God`s good work in my life to my people who, due to the bad economy of some countries, seek credit in Asia and other parts of the world. Are they the ones looking for credits among you? So, you have to be very careful, because a lot of credit companies are scams on the Internet, but they are still really in fake credit companies. I was a victim of a lender of 6 loans, I lost so much money because I was looking for a loan from their business. .