(a) a collective agreement within the meaning of the Labour Relations Act 1995, 5. Election expenses payable in 2000 will be included in the Regional Municipality of Ottawa-Carleton`s operational budget for the year 2000. Orders the regional municipality to pay those costs in accordance with the instructions of the person designated pursuant to paragraph 2. The voting costs to be paid in 2001 shall be borne by the city. 2. Subsection 1 shall also apply to members of the Ottawa Police Force and to persons considered to be municipal employees within the meaning of the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act 1997. 2000, c. 5, see 5 (8). (b) requiring persons, at the request of municipal staff, to have paid the price of the ticket necessary for the use of the passenger transportation system. 2000, c. 5, see 5 (7). (b) any other matter or problem that the city deems necessary and appropriate to ensure that the inhabitants of the municipality have an adequate sanitation and drainage system.

2000, c. 5, see 5 (7). 4. The city may establish an appropriate fare structure for the use of the passenger transportation system and provide for different fares when a ticket is paid for certain categories of transit vehicles. 2000, c. 5, see 5 (7). (c) an agreement under Part VIII of the Police Services Act; (Collective Agreement) 12. A statute of the city adopted under this division, whether adopted before or after a by-law referred to in paragraph 9, has no effect to the extent that it does not comply with the by-law.

1999, about 14, ched. E, see 14 (12). (2) The power of the city is subject to the Liquor Licence Act. 2000, c. 5, see 5 (7). 12.17 (1) Subject to the Public Vehicles Act, the city may establish, operate and maintain a passenger transportation system within the city and between each point in the city and every point outside the city, including a point outside Ontario. 2000, c. 5, see 5 (7). 12.16 The Deputy Governor of the Council may, by by-law, authorize the city to do anything not expressly authorized by that Act, as the Governor of the Council considers necessary or advisable to effectively carry out the intent and purpose of that Act, as long as the by-law is not contrary to that Act or any other Act. 2000, c. 5, see 5 (7). (b) inspect and examine the introduction in the manner requested by the city and at the times required by the city and make available to the city the results of inspections and tests and other information that the city considers necessary to properly control the spill.

2000, c. 5, see 5 (7). 29. 1. Any collective agreement applicable to workers in a former municipality immediately before the entry into force of this paragraph shall apply to those workers and to workers hired to replace them until the date on which the collective agreement or collective agreement of which it is a part ceases to enter into force pursuant to Articles 23(8) or 24, section 7, § 29 or subsection 31 (3) of the Transition of Public Sector Employment Relations in Respect of Such Workers Act 1997. . . .