as deemed necessary to control the production of raw sugar. (f) Subject to the provisions of point (g) of this clause, producers of the abovementioned Committee, who fulfil the conditions laid down by that Committee, shall pay or make a discount of £ 2:4:0 per tonne for Australian refined cane sugar used in fruit products used in the Commonwealth of Australia during the period ending on 5 January, 1900000 and 33 years. thirty-one, provided that such producers pay for fresh fruit purchased and used in fruit products the prices which the said Committee declares to be reasonable prices; (2.) Any sugar imported into the Commonwealth in violation of this Section shall be considered a prohibited import within the meaning of the Customs Act 1901-1930, and the provisions of this Prohibited Imports Act apply to any sugar so imported into the Commonwealth. (g) the rebate referred to in point (f) of this clause shall be paid only for Australian refined cane sugar used by producers in fully processed fruit products made entirely from Australian materials, if available, consisting mainly of Australian fruit, fruit juice or pure fruit. 16. That, subject to compliance with clauses 3 to 11 (including) of this Agreement, the Commonwealth Government continue to prohibit the importation of sugar until the thirty-first day of August, except – 7. That the Queensland Government, on behalf of the Australian cane sugar industry, win, on behalf of the Australian cane sugar industry, during the period beginning on the fifth day of January, thirty-one hundred and thirty-three and thirty-three million pounds per year, requested in favour of the Australian fruit industry in the manner and on the conditions laid down. This clause states: – An act of approval of an agreement between Her Majesty`s Government of the Commonwealth of Australia and Her Majesty`s Government of the State of Queensland and for other purposes.